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  1. Unfortunately we in the UK were screwed in the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988.

    Firstly because we have to assert our moral rights by a suitable statement rather than them being automatic (like copyright.) For most usages of our images this is impossible, although one reason for putting most of my images on the web was to do so – but then I forgot!

    Secondly because Section 79 (6) on the right to be credited says:
    (6) The right does not apply in relation to the publication in—

    (a) a newspaper, magazine or similar periodical, or

    (b) an encyclopaedia, dictionary, yearbook or other collective work of reference,

    of a literary, dramatic, musical or artistic work made for the purposes of such publication or made available with the consent of the author for the purposes of such publication.

    and 81(4) is a similar clause about derogatory treatment.

    So basically until we get a change of UK law we are stuffed here.

    Which is why this one of the things we should be pressing for in the discussion about orphan works.