Just say No to Guardian cuts

28th April, 2010

Last nights branch meeting voted to adopt a model letter to send to the Guardian who have unilaterally imposed cuts to the rates paid for photographs after years of having agreed rates with the NUJ. The rates in the letter are the latest NUJ agreed minimum, so you can modify them if you wish. You may also wish to include details of online rates.


This is to inform you that from May 1st this year reproduction fees for my photographs in a single day’s print editions will remain no less than they are today:

0-5 square inches –£65.46
5-20 ——————– £77.46
20-30 —————— £89.46
30-50 —————— £116.74
50-80 —————— £127.65
80-108 —————- £141.83
108-216 ————— £337.12
216-432 ————— £561.87

If my photographs, whether supplied directly or received from third parties, continue to be reproduced in GNM Media Ltd publications, these are the minimum fees I will be charging. It is your responsibility to ensure that all staff (and freelances) responsible for putting pictures on the pages are aware that this is the case. Should my terms no longer be acceptable to GNM Media Ltd, please ensure that my pictures are not reproduced by GNM in the future and that you destroy all remaining electronic copies of my photographs in your possession.


You can use the following link to create a pre-filled email to Robert Hahn the GNM rights manager. Or you can send a letter to:

Robert Hahn
Guardian News Media
Kings Place
90 York Way
N1 9GU

You can leave suggestions for other things you might want to include in the comments below.

4 Responses:

  1. Marc Vallée says:

    Just got this back from Robert Hahn at GNM:

    Dear Marc Vallee,

    We are sorry that you feel unable to accept the new rates we are implementing from 01 May. We are taking this action with the best of intentions to pay a decent but affordable fee for picture reproduction.

    I am copying in our archivist to ensure that your images in our picture database are deleted.

    With best wishes


    Well that's that then!

  2. I’ve just had the same reply, even though I didn’t include the last sentence about deleting my images.

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