Photographers say ‘No Deal’ to Bauer

28th April, 2010

The Branch passed the following motion last night condemning the rights grabbing contract Bauer Media is trying to force onto it’s freelance contributors for it’s music magazines. The branch has called for our members not to supply content or accept commissions under the new contract until a settlement is reached.

This Branch condemns the recent attempts by Bauer Media’s music division to impose an all rights grab contract on its freelance contributors and supports the action by freelancers to force Bauer Media to reconsider.

The Branch calls for all NUJ members to support the Bauer Media music freelance action and not accept commissions or contribute content under this rights grabbing contract until a negotiated settlement is agreed upon between Bauer Media music and its freelance contributors.

The London Photographer’s Branch is committed to the defence of copyright and will fight any attempt to undermine it.

Members who contribute to Bauer can join the London Freelance Branch Shady Bauer mailing list for the latest information on the negotiations. There is also a meeting on 5th May at 6.30pm at Headland House for freelance Bauer contributors organised by NUJ Freelance Organiser John Toner.

It is thought that the new rights grabbing contract will be rolled out across the rest of Bauer’s titles shortly, a full list of Bauer’s UK publications can be found on and

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