May Branch Newsletter

18th May, 2010

On the Campaign Trial

Next weeks branch meeting will feature a panel of branch photographers who covered the election discussing how the media were manipulated, working without accreditation and paying for access.

Photographers Stephen Simpson and Graeme Robertson will be talking about their experiences.

We will be running a slideshow of election coverage so send your best pictures from the campaign trail as JPEGs, 1024px on the longest side in the sRGB colour space to Any motions to the branch should be sent to the branch secretary prior to the meeting.

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The Future of Copyright

Last months branch meeting saw a discussion on copyright with branch members Guy Smallman and Andrew Wiard as well as freelance organiser John Toner talking about what the union can do for members and what it will be doing in the future, you can listen to the full audio from the discussion online.

Just Say No to Guardian cuts

At last months branch meeting a model letter was adopted by the branch to send to the Guardian refusing to accept their rate cuts for photos. You can find the letter on the branch website and use the email template to send your own.

Photographers say ‘No Deal’ to Bauer

Bauer media is imposing a new contract on it’s freelance contributors that makes a huge rights grab as well as leaving the contributor liable for any legal action taken over the content. The branch has passed a motion condemning this and calls for members not to sign the contract until a settlement us reached.

Abuse of Terror laws continues

Branch member Grant Smith was stopped and searched by City Police whilst working, during the search he was restrained and his camera, phone and notebook were taken from him. This incident clearly shows how police are continuing to abuse counter-terrorism legislation. Grant is now considering taking legal action through the NUJ.

Training Courses

There are two new training courses available to branch members ‘The Business of Freelance Photography’ and ‘Emergency Life Support Training’ you can find out more details about these and how to take part in them on the branch website.


Branch members who are registered on the site can login and view the draft minutes of the last two meetings:

2 Responses:

  1. Mick Gell says:

    I was stunned at the London parks police decision at the very most crucial time of the election to check everyone’s parks photography permissions pass at the back of no 10, then not allow professional photographers anywhere near Buckingham Palace gates for Browns departure and Camerons arrival, even though hundreds of tourist were snapping away with cameras within inches of the cars, this resulted in undignified papping alongside the cars further down the road, putting security backs up and endangering photographers.

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