DACS Payback Time

23rd June, 2010

Payback from the DACS royalties scheme opened this week and members have until 17th September to make their claim, more from the press release below:

Don’t miss out on your share of £3 million of Payback royalties

Each year DACS has £3 million of royalties to pay to NUJ members whose work has been reproduced in UK books or magazines or on certain television channels.

DACS negotiates these royalties on behalf of photographers and other visual artists. In 2009 DACS paid out a share of £3 million to 11,628 visual artists.

Did you know?

  • The average NUJ member claim was £541, compared with the average Payback claim of £295
  • Last year the highest payment made to a NUJ member was £5656 the most any Payback claimant received in 2009
  • Every NUJ member who makes a successful Payback claim is guaranteed a minimum of £25

Where does the money come from?

Payback royalties come from revenue generated through collective licensing schemes. Collective licensing is used in situations where it would be difficult or near impossible for photographers to licence their rights on an individual basis, for example, when an individual wishes to photocopy a page of a book or magazine which features their work.

Payback launches on 21 June and NUJ members have until 17 September to make their claim.

“It’s a win-win situation for NUJ members. All you need to do is fill in a Payback claim form telling us which books, magazines and television programmes your work has featured in. Once you’ve had a successful Payback claim, you can claim for the same published work every year, so the size of your claim could increase if you have new work.” says Nicolas Watkins-Wright, DACS Payback Manager.

Examples of where previous NUJ members’ work has featured includes:

Magazines – Amateur Gardening, BBC Music Magazine, The Journalist, Art Review, The British Medical Journal, Inside Housing, National Geographic and Hello

Books – Essential Psychology, Rough Guide to Portugal, DK How Cool Stuff Works, Transport Systems and Faces of the Century

NUJ members can also claim for work which has featured on any of the following TV channels in 2009 only – BBC 1, 2, 3, 4, BBC News 24, BBC Parliament, CBBC, CBeebies, ITV1, Channel 4, SC4 and Channel 5

The easiest way to claim is to fill in the form online at dacs.org.uk. Alternatively they can request a claim form to be sent to them by post or email.

For further information about Payback or to request a claim form contact the Payback team on 020 7553 9062 or email payback@dacs.org.uk

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