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July Branch Newsletter

20th July, 2010

Next Branch Meeting, 27th July: Finding Stolen Images

London Freelance Branch Secretary Mike Holderness will give a visual presentation offering tips on how to use the internet to locate images which have been used without permission and identify who is culpable for the bill. Another speaker on the same subject TBA.

Any motions to the branch should be sent to the branch secretary prior to the meeting.

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Convergence – Should we adapt & How?

20th July, 2010

At last months branch meeting we heard from film editor Simon Ruben and photographer Edmond Terakopian who talked about how photographers could adapt their workflows to include video and audio. As well as some of the pitfalls that photographers moving to video can fall into.

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PCSO unlawfully deleted photographers images

8th July, 2010

Image © James MacKay

Branch member photojournalist, James Mackay, represented by Chez Cotton, head of the Police Misconduct Department, at leading civil rights law firm Bindmans LLP, has succeeded in a complaint against the British Transport Police after he was unlawfully ordered by one of their officers to delete photographs he had taken on the basis that he “was not allowed to photograph the police.”

The journalist, who predominantly works on issues in and surrounding Burma and currently is working with exiled organisations on a global campaign to raise awareness on political prisoners in Burma, was passing through Waterloo mainline station on his way to catch a flight on 8 May 2009 and witnessed a number of Police Community Support Officers (PSCOs) apparently detaining a male.

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First Aid training for photographers

8th July, 2010

Last month the branch held a one day Emergency Life Support Training course tailored to the needs of street photographers. With the time kindly donated by tutor Elliot Rogers from White Star Medical assisted by Clive Wilson.

The certified course covered:

  • CPR (pictured)
  • Choking
  • Recovery Position
  • Shock
  • Bleeding
  • Burns
  • Head Injuries
  • Managing Medical Emergencies

One photographer said, “An excellent course, covering more than one would hope to deal with in a lifetime” another that it was “invaluable to street photographers”.

The branch plans to run future courses, if you have requests please contact branch Learning Representative Phillip Wolmuth at

Ethics Working Group gets started

7th July, 2010

A working group of branch members are to meet tomorrow at 2pm upstairs in the Lucas Arms pub (just across the road from Headland House) to discuss a set of ethics guidelines for the branch to adopt and to pass on to the NUJ Ethics Council.

Members have been looking at two existing sets of guidelines as the basis of discussion so far; The National Press Photographers Association Code of Ethics and Reuters Guide to Standards, Photoshop and Captions.

The working group is open to all branch members and will report it’s findings to the branch as it continues.

Looking after members Welfare

6th July, 2010

Saturday 19 June 2010 was the National Union of Journalists (NUJ) welfare training day hosted by the NUJ Extra charity.

Chair Chris Wheal and administrator Lena Calvert led the afternoon’s discussion on what welfare officers can and should be doing to assist branch members.
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Victory Flashmob – Section 44 is Dead!

1st July, 2010

We’ll be supporting this event on Sunday organised by I’m a Photographer, Not a Terrorist!

Yesterday the European Court of Human Rights rejected the governments appeal to it’s decision in January that ruled Section 44 of the Terrorism Act 2000 in breach of Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights.

Although the Home Office has said it is still considering how the ruling effects the law and the police will continue to use it. It’s possible that any Stop & Search under s44 since 12th January 2010 will be open to legal challenge, so hang on to any receipts.

Unfortunately there are still a swathe of laws that police use to harass photographers, most notably s43, which is similar to s44 but requires an officer to suspect that you are a terrorist and s76 which makes it illegal to ‘elicit information about a police officer’ which includes photographing them.

In the meantime we’re going back to the place where our campaign started, outside New Scotland Yard. We’ll be gathering at 12 noon, this Sunday 4th July (Independence Day!) Come along and lets celebrate a little more freedom for photographers.

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