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Contacts for today’s student protests

30th November, 2010

As with previous events the Metropolitan Police have setup a number for journalists covering today’s student protests in Westminster to call if they are having problems with the police, not recognising the UK Press Card etc. The number is 07917 556824.

NUJ members can also contact NUJ legal officer Roy Mincoff during office hours on 020 7843 3721. Outside of office hours or in an emergency you can call the 24hr NUJ legal helpline on 0800 5877530.

November Branch Newsletter

16th November, 2010

International Affairs - A panel discussion on working abroadInternational Affairs – A panel discussion on working abroad

Tuesday 30th November, 6pm at Headland House.

The November Branch meeting will look at international issues for journalists. With advice for photographers working in foreign countries from our panel:

  • Jim Boumelha (IFJ President) will present a motion in solidarity with Palestinian journalists and give a talk about the benefits of International Federation of Journalists membership to camera people working abroad.
  • Guy Smallman (Branch committee member) will offer advice on working in dangerous environments based on his experiences in Lebanon and Afghanistan. He will illustrate his talk with some of his photos.
  • Isabelle Merminod (Branch committee member) will show some world exclusive images from a women’s prison in the Philippines following on from last months motion passed by the branch.
  • Fil Kaler (Branch member) will show his short film about journalists working in occupied Palestine.

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NUJ Delegate Meeting 2011 – Southport

8th November, 2010

N.B. Motions from the branch and nominations for Delegate Meeting elected positions will be voted on at the next branch meeting on the 30th November. Motions should be sent to the Branch Secretary before the meeting.

As mentioned in the October branch meeting the NUJ Delegate Meeting (DM) dates for nominations and motions have arrived. Every branch is entitled to send delegates, motions and make nominations for the DM-elected positions. It is the decision-making body of the union. Our branch is entitled to two delegates to raise the issues of our sector. The dates are as follows.
NUJ Delegate Meeting – Southport – 8-10/04/2011

Receipt of motions and nominations (DM bodies) – 1pm 06/12/2010

Receipt of amendments and confirmation of Motions and DM nominations 1pm – 09/02/2011

Last date for registration of delegates – TBA
It was agreed by the committee the nomination of delegates should take place in January 2011 along with the election of branch officials – see November committee minutes.
The nominations for positions on DM-elected bodies are as follows. If any branch members wish to make nominations this will be done at the branch meeting on 30 November 2010.
Appeals Tribunal – 9 to be elected
Disabled Members’ Council – 10 to be elected
Equality Council – 7 to be elected
Journalist Editorial Advisory Board – 7 to be elected
NUJ Extra – 5 to be elected
Pensioners’ Committee/Pensioners’ Parliament – 6 to be elected
Professional Training Committee – 6 to be elected
Standing Orders Committee – 5 to be elected
TUC Delegation – 3 to be elected
Women’s TUC Delegation – 5 to be elected
For further information prior to the next branch meeting please contact the Branch Secretary directly.

Equality & Fraternity

6th November, 2010

At the September Branch meeting the branch elected me as its equality officer. Most of our members don’t have a permanent workplace, but work for various employers and in many differing environments, from the streets to the carpeted boardrooms, making portraits of CEOs.

An equality officer promotes equality in the workplace. If you’ve been on the receiving end of sexism, racism, workplace bullying, unequal gender pay, LGBT bigotry, ageism, prejudice against the disabled or inflexible practices because of childcare, I want to hear from you. Inequality is all around us and must be tackled every time it rears its ugly head.

Having an equality officer is an asset and will work only if consistently used by branch members. So, please contact me in confidence (or by phone: 020 7247 5393) on any of your personal experiences. Also, let me have cuttings and examples of the way people are treated in the media so we can develop a working file that can be used by all of us in the continuing fight for equality at the workplace.

Panel discussion on the Future of Street Photography

2nd November, 2010

At our last branch meeting we heard from an expert panel about the future of taking photographs on the street. Lawyers Chez Cotton and Anna Mazzola from Bindmans and Hickman & Rose respectively, talked about their experiences dealing with actions against the police. Photographers Andrew Testa and Grant Smith showed some of their work and how they had been hindered by police and security guards when working. Finally NUJ General Secretary Jeremy Dear talked about the unions history and activity defending photographer’s rights.

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Photographers’ organise to defend rates

1st November, 2010

Last week’s branch meeting agreed to setup a working group of branch members to liase with other bodies and officials within the union to “establish or re-establish NUJ agreements with national newspapers and news organisations for picture/video rates and commissions.”

The group will co-ordinate the branch’s action to defend established NUJ rates and hopefully secure new ones for members.

All branch members are welcome to join the working group and can do so by signing up to the mailing list.