Photoshop Tutor Needed

6th December, 2010

The London Photographers’ Branch is looking for a tutor to deliver a one-day Photoshop course in January 2011.  The course outline (below) was drawn up following a survey of branch members earlier this year.  Anyone interested in teaching it should email, including details of relevant experience, by the 13th December.

Essential Photoshop For Photojournalists

A one-day course which will demonstrate how to use Photoshop, Bridge and Adobe Camera RAW (the three linked programmes that make up Adobe Photoshop) to:

  • make basic corrections to brightness, contrast and colour balance to out-of-camera RAW files (using ACR) and JPEGs (using adjustment layers)
  • make local adjustments to parts of an image
  • rename, batch caption and keyword images
  • set up a batch resizing action

It will also cover the basic elements of good workflow, including file naming, image storage and back-up.

The course is aimed specifically at photojournalists, and will not explore methods of gross image manipulation that might be employed by commercial photographers or graphic designers.

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