Government Counter-Terrorism Review

27th January, 2011

Mini placards from the PHNAT mass gathering. Photo © Jonathan Warren

After reading the Home Office review, it appears that the coalition government is planning to give the police new stop-and-search powers to get around the European Court of Human Rights’  S44 ruling.

We are not confident that the small concessions made to photographers in the counter terrorism review will protect us from the harassment by police, in all it’s many and dangerous forms that we have increasingly experienced over recent years.

If this review is implemented, photographers will once again be operating in a state where the lack of trust by authorities for citizens will be the order of the day. The law has not been scrapped, it has been rebranded.

The NUJ submitted a response when the government was conducting the Rapid Review of Counter-Terrorism powers, outlining our real and present concerns. From the conclusions of the review it seems the serious issues affecting journalists, photographers and many others have not been adequately addressed.

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