Riot/Public Order Tip Sheet

15th August, 2011

Riot/Public Order Tip Sheet
Always question whether the picture is worth the danger to yourself and others. Remember your and your colleagues’ safety is worth more than a picture.
Does your insurance cover you for riot/ public order?
Consider hostile environment/ first aid training
Are you physically fit? Do you have an illness that could be aggravated by the situation?
Avoid going alone. Check the whereabouts of other photographers when you arrive. Try to stick together
If you must go alone, tell someone where you are going and when you’ll be back
Follow the developing story. Be aware of the individuals and groups involved
Take protective gear, for example helmet/ goggles/ ear plugs/ stab vest etc
Wear sturdy shoes. Boots not trainers
Consider wearing natural fibres. Jeans are more fire retardant than synthetic clothing
Take a first aid kit, including dressings and anti burn
Carry extra CF/SD cards. Switch and hide cards if necessary
Phone signals may get blocked. Take a map
Keep a hard copy of emergency numbers, including NUJ and Thompson solicitors emergency phone no: 0800 587 7530
Be Safe
Think carefully about where to park. Your car may become a focus of rioting
Carry minimum kit. Keep gear hidden in a bag or under clothing until you have established the threat to photographers
Always have an exit strategy. Think about how to leave a situation
Be aware of potential weapons. Keep moving if the situation gets tense
Don’t draw attention to yourself by using flash etc
Position yourself upwind if its possible tear gas will be used
Make sure your press card is to hand but not visible
Be aware of public order laws and police guidelines for dealing with the press
Be trauma aware, you may have a reaction to the events you witness
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