Enough is Enough – No redundancies!

1st September, 2011

The London Photographers’ branch committee would like to applaud the recent stand Larry Price, Pulitzer winning photojournalist has made against job losses.

Larry resigned as picture editor at the Dayton Daily News in Ohio this week after being told that up to four people would be cut from his nine staff photographers.

We wholeheartedly support the action Larry has taken to defend these jobs and professional news gathering. It is only through solidarity like this and engaging our collective strength that we can challenge the bean-counters in local and national media and force media organisations to reassess their priorities. We strongly urge the Cox Media Group to reconsider its planned redundancies and facilitate Larry Price’s return to work.

As Larry says, “@larrycprice is only 1 person but many nationwide are making huge sacrifices. Spread the word

One Response:

  1. Nationwide newspapers and magazines are sacrificing quality for corporate profits. We salute our colleagues in London for standing with Larry and the thousands of other journalists who are facing or have faced the same issues.

    Spread the word and many thanks!!!