TUC Motion on Safety of Journalists

12th September, 2011

The NUJ have tabled this emergency motion to the TUC congress, to be seconded by the RMT:

NUJ – TUC emergency motion – English Defence League

Congress is appalled at the treatment of NUJ members in East London on Saturday 3 September 2011.

Journalists were carrying out their work, reporting the EDL event, taking photographs and recording eye witness accounts on behalf of a wide range of media outlets.

Journalists were subjected to harassment, threats and abuse including physical assaults, racist abuse and bottles and fireworks being thrown at the press. One journalist was subjected to a sexual assault and another suffered burns after an EDL protestor set the journalist on fire.

Congress publically condemns the actions of the EDL and the ways in which they target media workers and Congress will continue to support all trade unionists that are targeted by the far-right.

Far right attacks on media workers are aimed at deterring them from carrying out their work and are designed to intimidate trade union members and stop the media reporting on far-right activity.

Such attacks are a violation of press freedom and an attack on our democracy.

Congress expresses solidarity with NUJ members and calls on the General Council to campaign publically against far-right groups.

Congress urges the General Council to –

1. Call on the police to take action to identify and prosecute EDL supporters who attack trade unionists.

2. Support and assist affiliate unions when far-right groups threaten the health and safety of their members.

Thanks to Michelle Stanistreet, Sarah Kavanagh and Jess Hurd for their work tabling the motion and the RMT for their support.

One Response:

  1. Jess Hurd says:

    NUJ won unanimous backing from TUC for the safety of journalists covering the EDL and other far-right groups. Good good.