Sexism in the Media – Report & Podcast

26th March, 2012

Last week I spoke at  Where are all the Women? How to beat Sexism in the Media, a fringe event at the TUC Womens’ Conference.

In the run-up to the meeting I spoke to many of my colleagues, men and women about the topic. To be honest I was horrified by the accounts from my female colleagues about the day-to-day sexism they face.

Women are massively under represented in our industry with lower pay, less shifts, less staff positions, less security. They face discrimination for the type of work they do and are bullied and harassed by some of their male colleagues.

Read the NUJ conference report and listen to the podcast here

We plan to have a meet-up of female colleagues to talk about the issues and how they can be addressed this Friday 30th March – 7pm upstairs at the Bloomsbury Tavern.

Please email if you are planning to attend (for bar snack numbers)


One Response:

  1. joan gingell says:

    joke in yesterdays Daily Mail-page 52- was overtly sexist.i’m so sick of it.What can i do to report this.They wouldn’t dare print the same joke changing blonde to black man.
    Who can I report this to.Would’t mind but it wasn’t even funny.What did make me smile was the man who sent it in was called Chuck from Houston,Texas.Maybe we are all stereotypes.