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Branch Motion: Police Checks on Press Cards

24th April, 2012

The following motion was passed by the London Photographers’ Branch on Tuesday 24 April 2012.

This branch agrees with the call from the NEC Photographers’ Seat to amend the NUJ automatic press card renewal system, so that members prove, by clippings or recommendation of a branch or union office bearer, that they continue to meet the criteria to hold a press card and that an up-to-date photograph must be supplied for every press card renewal. However, the branch rejects further suggestions that any kind of police check be implemented for the issuing of press cards.

Proposer: Jason N. Parkinson, seconder Jules Mattsson

Amendment called by Andrew Wiard:

Strike out the last sentence. There is nothing wrong with police checks – have them at party conferences, this is no different.

Amendment vote, 2 for, 10 against, 1 abstention – Amendment falls

Motion passed.

Hostile Olympic Security

23rd April, 2012

Olympic security guards try to prevent photographers and video journalists from filming the Olympic site from the public highway. East London.

Last week at an NUJ organised meeting with senior police several experienced photographers (I was one) asked Assistant Commissioner Chris Allison (in charge of Olympic policing) & Cdr Bob Broadhurst about the private security guards’ training and instructions. We said that on the past record of private security guards we could expect unlawful and oppressive interference.

Allison assured us that the security would ONLY be acting inside the site and that we’d have no problems on public land outside. He may have believed that. We didn’t and thought that we should check out the accuracy of his promises. There were other issues (such as closures of public rights of way) that also seemed worth coverage.

Before we’d got half way round the site – all on public land – G4S security had run out from the site, shouting at me and grabbing the camera of a colleague (Jess Hurd), pushing her back and preventing her from taking photos. A second guard also appeared and assaulted a video journalist colleague, Jason Parkinson, grabbing his camera and pushing him around.

See Guardian video here

Their manager appeared after a minute or two. She defended their behaviour and told us that they were trained to deter people from taking photographs. We asked for police to attend and two SO23 officers soon arrived, confirmed that our behaviour was entirely lawful and the G4S guards retreated back into the Olympic site.

The guards are very poorly trained by G4s, on rotten terms of temporary employment and receiving the minimum wage. The blame should be on G4S and LOCOG whose penny pinching attitude and contempt for the media is already causing us problems and is certain to cause us a great deal more unless we take a stand.

© David Hoffman

David Hoffman images here

Jess Hurd images here

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April Branch Newsletter

18th April, 2012

Meeting: The Politics of Photographing Poverty


Defending Journalism – Judicial Review

Defending Journalism: Parliamentary Discussion


Greek photographer hospitalised by police

In Defence of Photography

Sexism in the Media – Report & Podcast

Public Order & Women’s Safety at Work Tip Sheets

Defending Journalism – Judicial Review

12th April, 2012

Not FIT design © Jason N. Parkinson

On Wednesday 25 April 2012 freelance journalists and broadcasters will enter the Royal Courts of Justice on the Strand in London, to fight for Judicial Review on the Dale Farm Production Order.

The National Union of Journalists has called the “Not FIT” protest at 9.15am outside the court, to defend journalism and to send a clear message the police – we will not be forced through production orders into being evidence gatherers for the police. “Not FIT” refers to police evidence gather units known as Forward Intelligence Teams (FIT).

All those involved in the Dale Farm production order case have shown great concern at the increase in the use of production orders against the media over the last 18 months and the fear is journalists are being forced into becoming the eyes and ears of the state. The consequences of this can have serious implications towards the impartiality and safety of journalists in the future.

Please come and show your support in the latest battle for press freedom, to tell the police and the state, we are “Not FIT”.

The protest will be held at 9.15am, Wednesday 25 April 2012.

The Defending Journalism Parliamentary Meeting will be on Thursday 19 April 2012.

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Protecting Journalistic Material

Defending Journalism: Parliamentary Discussion

12th April, 2012

In the build up to the Dale Farm Production Order Judicial Review the National Union of Journalists (NUJ) has organised an event in parliament to discuss the protection of sources and journalistic material.

The event is being hosted by Austin Mitchell MP in the House of Commons on Thursday 19 April starting 6.30pm.

Under discussion will be the News International Management and Standards Committee, the increased use of Production Orders and the legislative landscape.

Speakers confirmed so far include:

John Battle – ITN Head of Compliance

Gavin Millar QC – Doughty Street Chambers

Michelle Stanistreet – NUJ general secretary

Jason Parkinson – NUJ freelance video journalist facing Dale Farm production order

More speakers to be confirmed.

The Judicial Review of the Dale Farm Production Order will start on Wednesday 25 April at the Royal Courts of Justice. The start of the Judicial Review will be marked by the “Not FIT” protest at 9.15am organised by the NUJ and London Photographers’ Branch (LBP).

To attend please RSVP the NUJ Campaigns department.

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Protecting Journalistic Material

The Politics of Photographing Poverty

9th April, 2012


The Politics of Photographing Poverty

We are delighted to have award winning photographer Stuart Freedman and author of Chavs: The Demonisation of the Working Class, Owen Jones to open a discussion on this subject at our next London Photographers’ Branch meeting. Read the rest of this entry »

Casual Vacancies on the NEC and NUJ Councils

9th April, 2012

The positions below are the casual vacancies for the remaining seats on the Ethics Council, Industrial and Executive Councils. All these committees are for two years starting from January 2012.

The deadline for nominations is the close of business (COB), on Friday, 18th May 2012. Read the rest of this entry »

Women’s Safety at Work Tip Sheet

6th April, 2012

Public Order Tip Sheet

6th April, 2012

Greek photographer hospitalised by police

6th April, 2012


The opertaion on Marios Lolos fractured skull was successful. The minute he woke up he wanted to meet all the colleagues that had been waiting for him. He is overwhelmed by all the support, and going to spend a few days recovering in hospital.


Greek photographer Marios Lolos, President of Press-Photographers Union of Greece is undergoing brain surgery after reportedly being beaten by riot police in Athens yesterday. We wish to extend our union branch’s solidarity and best wishes.

Journalists have every right to gather news without being subjected to intimidation and violence. The targeting of journalists is completely unacceptable and the police officers responsible should be brought to justice. Read the rest of this entry »