Branch Motion: Police Checks on Press Cards

24th April, 2012

The following motion was passed by the London Photographers’ Branch on Tuesday 24 April 2012.

This branch agrees with the call from the NEC Photographers’ Seat to amend the NUJ automatic press card renewal system, so that members prove, by clippings or recommendation of a branch or union office bearer, that they continue to meet the criteria to hold a press card and that an up-to-date photograph must be supplied for every press card renewal. However, the branch rejects further suggestions that any kind of police check be implemented for the issuing of press cards.

Proposer: Jason N. Parkinson, seconder Jules Mattsson

Amendment called by Andrew Wiard:

Strike out the last sentence. There is nothing wrong with police checks – have them at party conferences, this is no different.

Amendment vote, 2 for, 10 against, 1 abstention – Amendment falls

Motion passed.

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