Launch of Frontline Club Journalism Safety Initiative

9th May, 2012

Launch of Frontline Club Journalism Safety Initiative 08/05/12

LPB Report

Jess Hurd, Jason Parkinson and Lefteris Pitarakis attended the event along with other journalists, editors, producers, media and safety organisations to discuss safety in news gathering.

According to a representative from the Committee to Protect Journalists a journalist is killed, most murdered every 11 days.

The discussion was led by people representing different fields and will be available as a ‘white paper’ shortly, as will the Frontline Club survey of journalists.

Things discussed:

• Safety training kitemark • Affordable comprehensive insurance • Trauma • Sharing of security information • Sexual assaults • Digital security • Duty of care from media organisations • Working in public order situations

The day was an off-the-record discussion, so we cannot give much detail at this point. But the branch did make very useful connections with different organisations.

We raised these points, which were well received:

• Affordable public order training organised by journalist organisations • Safety equipment fund for freelancers, cheap equipment hire, stab vests, medical kits etc • More trauma awareness, inc sexual harassment/assaults • Round table safety de-briefs before and after public order events, with safety advisors • More events like Egypt Cinema night – marking traumatic events positively

The Rory Peck Trust is a fan and wants to work collaboratively with LPB in the future, as does the International News Safety Institute (INSI)

We had a long discussion with INSI who would be happy to facilitate safety briefs and de- briefs. They were also keen to do some free training for us. We spoke specifically about women’s safety and they suggested a two day course, that we can structure ourselves. They offered to help with women’s networking events.

We also had approaches from people running Hostile Environment & First Aid Training/ Risk management courses aimed at students and freelancers.


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