Audio: Olympic Concerns

6th July, 2012

There have been several high profile incidents around the Olympic venues and throughout the capital in recent months, as laws are increased, terrorist alerts are raised to “severe” and the country comes under the biggest security operation since World War Two. As cases of photography restriction have hit the news, so more cases are coming to light, from architecture students being confronted by a group of private security officers to a photojournalist being jailed for seven days, accused for breaching a protest-ban injunction while documenting construction work for Games Monitor.

Bindmans partner, human rights and public law solicitor Chez Cotton and criminal law lawyer Laura Higgs will be discussing what our members are likely to face over the coming months – from terror laws and the imminent Protection of Freedom law, to private security and military personnel – and how we can be best prepared as the capital braces for the Diamond Jubilee and the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Chez Cotton specialises in actions against the police and other detaining authorities, with particular expertise in complex cases involving assault, false imprisonment, malicious prosecution, discrimination (including disability) and claims under the Human Rights Act.

Laura Higgs specialises in serious crime and has a particular interest in cases which highlight human rights and political issues. She has recently acted for campaigners who have been prosecuted under the new Serious Organised Crime and Police Act 2005 for holding unauthorised protests in Parliament Square.

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