August 2012 Newsletter

22nd August, 2012

August Meeting: Digital Data Security

Technology and widespread Internet access encourage instant freedom of communication and organisation on a level previously thought impossible. But there’s a sinister, dangerous side to these technologies where companies and governments can access, use and block data to censor, spy on, follow or hurt those trying to distribute it.

Speaking will be Anna Mazzola & Athalie Matthews from Bindmans LLP as well as a Q&A on technology with photographers Edward Hirst & Jules Mattsson.

NUJ DM Delegate Election Re-Run

Unfortunately one of our LPB delegates has dropped out of representing the branch at the NUJ DM in October. Our reserve has also had  to back out. At the next branch meeting, Tuesday 28 August, we will need to re-elect a new delegate and two new reserves to fulfill our role at the DM.

We are also encouraging our student members who would like to attend to contact us. Our branch will cover the cost of one student member to attend the DM and work with other students from across the country, to report on the delegate meeting.

Payback Time!

The Design and Artists Copyright Society (DACS) has a share of over £3 million in payback royalties for NUJ members whose work has been reproduced in UK books and magazines or broadcast on certain UK television channels.

Topshop Action Cancelled

In response to demands from the NUJ, Topshop have contacted the union and offered a meeting with senior representatives of Topshop and Arcadia to discuss Jess Hurd’s complaint. As a consequence the NUJ protest on Saturday 11 August has now been cancelled.

Olympics Legal Guidelines

The National Union of Journalists has been assured that there will be no press freedom issues during the Olympics with security guards, police or the military. This know-your-rights guide is designed to help if things go wrong. Download pdf version

Latest NUJ Council Vacancies

There are a range of current vacanies on NUJ Councils and the union is urging members to take part in these NUJ decision-making bodies and share the work of advancing the aims and objectives of the NUJ.


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