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12th November, 2012

New trade union training dates announced for NUJ members

The NUJ has announced a series of dates for NUJ members trade union training in 2012 and 2013.

The following courses are now available, most of the training will take place in London at NUJ Headland House –

Getting Started as a Freelance

On Friday 16 November 2012

NUJ members £60

Non-members £110

Students £50

Public speaking training – FREE for NUJ members

Training available on 20/21 March 2013

Topics covered on the course include –

– Identifying key do’s and don’ts when making an effective speech

– Tips on how to structure a speech

– Insight into the terms used in formal trade union meetings and conferences.

Bullying and harassment and stress training –  FREE for NUJ members

Training available on 23/24 April 2013

The course will cover –

– Defining what is meant by bullying, harassment and stress and the causes and effects on your members

– How to use health and safety standards to help challenge and deal with bullying, harassment and stress

– Identify key arguments to be used with employers with a view to reducing the incidences of bullying, stress and harassment

– Developing a trade union strategy when dealing with issues raised within your workplace

Pitch & Deal

Friday 18 January 2013

NUJ members £70

Non-members £130

Students £60

Health and safety training –  FREE for NUJ members

Training available on 31 January/1 February 2013

The course will cover –

– Understanding the role and responsibilities of an NUJ safety representative

– Awareness of the law and what facilities and rights are afforded to NUJ safety reps

– Develop an understanding of the legal framework and how the law can be enforced

– Using workplace regulations to set standards and knowing how these can be built into a systematic approach to handling health and safety problems

– Identify ways in which health and safety can be integrated into NUJ chapel and branch organisation

Stage 1 officers training – 

Training available on 22/23 November 2012, 23/24 January and 7/8 May 2013

Training is also available on 11/12 in Manchester 

This course is designed to develop the key skills and knowledge associated with being an effective and confident NUJ representative and includes –

– Identifying the main roles and responsibilities associated with being an NUJ representative

– Understanding the structure of the NUJ and the NUJ’s role within the global trade union movement

– Collective agreements and grievance and disciplinary procedures

– Developing a trade union approach to dealing with members problems

Stage 2 officers training –

Training available on 21/22 February and 18/19 June 2013 

This course is designed to cover –

– Identification of strengths and weaknesses in both the form and application of workplace procedures

– Assessment of workplace procedures in relation to the ACAS Code of Practice

– Analysis of written transcripts and identify and evaluate key evidence

– Development of an awareness of legislation in relation to disciplinary and grievance procedures

– Preparation and presentation of an appeal

– Examine the role of grievance procedures in relation to disciplinary proceedings

Stage 3 officers training –

Training available on 5/6 December 2012 and 28/29 May 2013

The course will cover essential negotiation techniques including –

– Defining what is meant by negotiation and what can affect a union’s bargaining power

– Preparing and applying a strategic approach to collective bargaining

– Developing arguments to support a union’s position

– Understanding the roles and responsibilities associated with working in a union’s negotiating team

– Awareness of key negotiating skills and how and when to apply them during joint negotiations

Advanced Negotiations training –

Training available on 3/4 July 2013

The course will cover –

– Understanding your power and influence

– Knowing how to access the Disclosure of Information, and Information and Consultation legislation as part of your negotiating preparation

– How to use company accounts to help cost pay claims, and be able to develop strategies for negotiation based on company information

– Using appropriate tactics as part of your union’s negotiating strategy

To book a place on any of the training courses please email –


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