Sexism and Bullying in the Media

20th November, 2012


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The November London Photographers’ Branch (LPB) meeting will discuss “Sexism and Bullying in the Media”.

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As the Leveson enquiry draws to a close and prepares to deliver the final report, it is clear that there has been a widespread culture of sexism and harassment in the media over the last 30 years. Added to this have been the recent revelations concerning Jimmy Savile and others at the BBC. Victims are either ignored, bullied or sacked. Come and hear campaigners and photographers debate the issue.

We are delighted to have Anna van Heeswijk, the CEO of Object, Lena Calvert, the National Union of Journalists (NUJ) Equality Officer and Anne-Marie Sanderson, a press and sports photographer based in North London. 

Object are an award-winning human rights organisation specifically set up to challenge the sexual objectification of women.

They are currently campaigning for the Government to adopt recent Liberal Democrat policy to end Page 3 and other forms of objectification of women in the media, submitting evidence to the Leveson Inquiry about the need to tackle the Page 3 phenomenon in the UK Press.

Non members welcome. Nibbles & drinks provided.

Please note – The original text for this meeting has been re-written to clarify its meaning.

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