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Celebrating Women Photographers – Opposing Sexism

28th February, 2013

Images © Guy Smallman/ – T-shirt design © Zarina Holmes 2013

As we are fast approaching the 102nd International Womens’ Day on Friday 8 March 2013, the NUJ London Photographers’ Branch (LPB) has had some T-shirts printed up.

The T-shirt designed by Zarina Holmes was based on a one-off design made for photographer Anne-Marie Sanderson by a friend, to combat the sexism she was facing while photographing sports events.

We had a makeshift photo booth at our monthly branch meeting on Tuesday 26 February 2013 and the above images are just a few of what were taken on the night.

We have some T-shirts left and they are available on a first come first served basis.

Protecting Journalistic Materials Motion

27th February, 2013

The following motion was passed at the London Photographers’ Branch on Tuesday 26 February 2013.

The London Photographers’ Branch notes with serious concern the proposals for government changes to Special Procedure Material and protection of journalistic sources under the 1984 Police and Criminal Evidence Act (PACE).

During the Leveson inquiry the Metropolitan police urged Lord Justice Leveson to weaken laws protecting journalistic material, sources and whistleblowers. Although the police would still need to apply to a judge for a Production Order under PACE, the new proposals would allow police to seize journalistic material without first proving they have attempted to get evidence elsewhere.

This overturns the 2012 Dale Farm ruling by Judge Moses in the Royal Courts of Justice, legitimising the previous unlawful use of Production Orders. The ability to seize Special Procedure Material would become a simple matter of legal routine, drastically damaging UK press freedom and independence from the police and state.

It is likely to breach the European Convention on Human Rights and contrary to existing European and UK case law.

The London Photographers’ Branch opposes these government proposals to amend PACE and calls on the National Union of Journalists (NUJ) to respond robustly to the government and calls for dialogue with news organisations, broadcasters and other trade unions to build a united opposition.

Code of Conduct and Membership Responsibilities

27th February, 2013

The National Union of Journalists (NUJ) has a Code of Conduct and Membership Responsibilities that are set out in the NUJ Rule Book. Members are expected to work to help strengthen the NUJ in its work and to abide by these principles and practice.

The NUJ Code of Conduct sets out 12 points of journalism. Members of the NUJ are expected to abide by these professional principles. The NUJ believes a journalist has the right to refuse an assignment or be identified as the author of editorial that would break the letter or spirit of the code. The NUJ will fully support any journalist disciplined for asserting her or his right to act according to the code.


Under the Membership Responsibilities set out in the NUJ Rules, all members have rights and responsibilities. Members are expected to work to help strengthen the NUJ in its work and to abide by the following principles and practices.

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LPB February Newsletter

20th February, 2013


February Branch Meeting: Working Collectives

102nd International Women’s Day

Freedom of Expression in Turkey

NUJ Fights to Protect Journalistic Sources

The press after Leveson

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Draft Branch & AGM Minutes: 29 January 2013

Treasurer’s Report 2012

102nd International Women’s Day

18th February, 2013


artwork and design © Zarina Holmes 2013

The London Photographers’ Branch will be celebrating women photographers everywhere by sponsoring a members’ T-Shirt for International Women’s Day (Friday 8th March).  At the LPB meeting on Tuesday 26 February 2013 we will be setting up a photo booth, taking photos of ourselves in the shirt, and releasing them via social media as part of our campaign to highlight sexism in the industry. The shirts are available on a ‘first-come first-served’ basis. Photos start at 6 pm sharp.. 


Check the links to see us in our super shirts:

London Photographers’ Branch on Facebook

#nujphoto on Twitter

International Women’s Day links:

Freedom of Expression in Turkey

13th February, 2013

Many times since the London Photographers’ Branch (LPB) of the NUJ was founded three years ago, we’ve had discussions and reports of violence against and the imprisonment of media workers throughout the world. The Branch committee decided that a more full report be made to the Branch’s AGM this past January.

I sought advice from the IFJ as to how to proceed and was put in touch with Mehmet Koksal who agreed to interview a journalist recently released from a Turkish prison. A short video of the interview with Mehmet and Baris Terkoglu was made and shown to the thirty-one people at our AGM. A dossier of repression in several other countries was also compiled and forty copies were taken away at the meeting. The interview is now available at

We understand very well the importance of continuing informing our members of the world-wide violence used to suppress journalists from reporting, whether by writing or using cameras. Our recent International Report to the LPB AGM was part of our continuing solidarity.

Larry Herman (Secretary, LPB)

February Branch Meeting: Working Collectives

13th February, 2013


The February London Photographers’ Branch meeting discussion on Tuesday 26 February will be discussing working in collectives. We are please to have three speakers, Zarina Holmes, Ross Domoney and a speaker from Reel News is still to be confirmed.

Facebook Event

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NUJ Fights to Protect Journalistic Sources

11th February, 2013


Greater Manchester Police have applied for a production order with a hearing on Monday 18 February compelling NUJ member and video journalist Jason N. Parkinson to hand over footage to the police.

The application is for all published and unpublished footage shot between the hours of 10.30am and 12.30pm at the English Defence League (EDL) march and counter protest organised by Unite Against Fascism (UAF) in Bolton on Saturday 20 March 2010.

Mr Parkinson with the full support of the NUJ intends to oppose the production order.

Jason Parkinson said: “I am not willing to hand unpublished material over. Journalists report the news and are not evidence gatherers for the police or anyone else. To do so would endanger the safety of all journalists in similar situations in the future. We would not be regarded as independent and would become greater targets from all sides.

“Also handing over the footage could overturn the incredibly important victory for press freedom we achieved fighting the Dale Farm production order last year.”

Michelle Stanistreet, NUJ general secretary said: “Jason Parkinson is a front line journalist and should have the right to work in the public interest without fearing he will be forced to hand over his footage. The union will continue to support Jason’s campaign to protect journalistic sources and material.”

Jason was served a production order in 2011 for all footage shot over the two days of the Dale Farm eviction in Essex. Major national broadcasters also opposed the production order. In a united effort, the NUJ led an eight-month battle in partnership with the BBC, ITN, Sky and Hardcash Productions that ended in the Royal Courts of Justice. In May 2012 Judge Moses overturned the original Dale Farm production order in a huge win for press freedom in the UK.

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The press after Leveson

7th February, 2013

What next for press regulation and ethics after the Leveson Inquiry?

How, for example, can conscience clauses in journalists’ contracts work?

This is the topic of a meeting on Thursday 28 February with speakers including NUJ general secretary Michelle Stanistreet and Helen Goodman MP, the Shadow Minister for Culture, Media and Sport, who has specific responsibility for media reform.

This meeting is called by the NUJ PR and Communications Branch, London Freelance Branch and London Magazine Branch and is at 6:30pm, at NUJ headquarters, 308/312 Gray’s Inn Road, London WC1X 8DP – nearest Tube King’s Cross. (MAP)

Refreshments will be provided.

Space is limited: registration is essential, to register please drop an email to with subject line “After Leveson”.

Crowd Funding – Leah Borromeo

5th February, 2013

At the LPB January 2013 Branch Discussion journalist and filmmaker Leah Borromeo spoke about crowd-funding. Leah has worked as deputy foreign editor at Sky News, Channel 4 News and APTN; among the publications she contributes to are the Index on Censorship, the British Journal of Photography and Juxtapoz. She films for NGOs, social movements and factual programmes across the developing world from Haiti to Gaza to Pakistan and Iran. She is currently directing a feature documentary with Dartmouth Films on Indian farmer suicides and fashion called Dirty White Gold.