Photographers’ Council Elections

8th March, 2013

(This post, was originally posted on 8 March, but has been amended to make the nomination process clearer)

For the first time in its history, the NUJ is creating a nationally elected Photographers’ Council solely to look after the interests of lens-based journalists.

Like all the NUJ’s councils and committees, it will be made up of working journalists who give their time to help shape the NUJ to best serve its members.

The new council will have ten members and hold four meetings a year, some of which are likely to be through video-conferencing, and the others most likely in the NUJ building at Kings Cross in London.

The Council elected this year will run from April 2013 until DM 2014. Thereafter, the Council will be elected every two years, starting from DM 2014.

There are nine constituencies, each with one seat, except London, which has two. We are now calling for nominations for the two London seats.

Nominations must be made and agreed at a branch meeting. The LPB will be considering nominations at its meeting on 26 March, our last meeting before the deadline for nominations. Anyone wishing to stand must attend that meeting, or notify the Branch Secretary beforehand.

If you’d like to talk to someone about standing, email Nick McGowan-Lowe:

More details here

2 Responses:

  1. Simon Chapman says:

    Don’t forget that nominations have to be made and agreed at a branch meeting. That’s not clear from the posting above. You can’t just fill in the form and nominate yourself! I hope that LPB has a branch meeting before the deadline on 12 April. Best wishes. Simon.

  2. Thank you Simon, I have amended the post accordingly. Best wishes, Philip