Save our local news: London launch event, Monday 3 June 2013

20th May, 2013

As ever more local newspapers close and titles merge, more and more communities are left without a local media outlet, feeding a sense that local media is undergoing a slow but inevitable death.

But there are examples across the British Isles, the US and elsewhere that tell a different story, one in which local media still has a place, in which good journalism can still be funded and where the definition of viability is set by the needs of the community for news, not the needs of the balance sheet of a paper’s ownership group.

The NUJ, Co-operatives UK and Carnegie UK Trust have joined together to organise a series of meetings across the UK to analyse the issues and showcase these alternatives.

The series kicks off on Monday 3 June at 18.00 at the NUJ Headland House in London, followed by meetings around the country.



Anne-Marie Sanderson, Chief Photographer at North London and Herts News and NUJ London Photographers’ Branch committee member

Paul Wood, managing director of the West Highland Free Press, the UK’s first employee-owned newspaper

Helen Goodman MP

Dave Boyle, author of ‘Good News: A Co-operative Solution to the Media Crisis’

Barry Fitzpatrick, NUJ deputy general secretary

The meeting is free to attend. To book please visit:

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