June Branch Meeting: The Future for Photography?

13th June, 2013


artwork © Guy Smallman, photo © Philip Wolmuth              

The recent sacking of the entire photography staff at the Chicago Sun-Times has sent shock waves around the photography world.

Redundancies, reporters with smartphones, user generated content, multinational corporations buying up pictures libraries, picture rate cuts, crowdsourcing, declining newspaper print sales, paywalls up, advertising revenue down, and the impact of new technology – at our June branch meeting we ask: what is the future for photography?

The economics editor of Newsnight Paul Mason, and ex-Guardian photographer Martin Argles, will open the discussion, with plenty of time for contributions from the floor.


Paul Mason’s recent work, on the global wave of unrest that has propelled a generation onto the streets in search of social justice, has not only appeared in book form and conventional BBC news broadcasts, but also as blog posts and self-produced audio-visual work published on Vimeo – a reflection of the huge impact of social media both on the world at large and on written and visual journalism itself.

Martin Argles is a photographer who, during a recent reduction in headcount, took voluntary redundancy from the Guardian after a staff career of 30 years. Previously he had freelanced for Time, Newsweek, the Daily Mail, Evening Standard, Now magazine and others. He has worked internationally, notably in the communist block before the fall of the Berlin Wall, but is probably best known for his photographs of British politicians, for which he has won a number of awards. He is a strong supporter of the NUJ and is currently taking a graduate course at Birkbeck.

6.00pm Tuesday 25th June, Headland House, 308 Gray’s Inn Road, London WC1X 8DP

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  1. Des Harris says:

    Did I see that guests are welcome? NUJ Paris Branch member here, photojournalist. Am in London that night so will sit in to hear about the future!