Redeye Post-War Free Press and Creativity Seminar

28th November, 2013

Redeye, a not for profit photography organisation based in Manchester, is holding a one-day seminar on Post-war free press and creativity at the Imperial War Museum North, the Quays, Manchester, on the 1st of December (11:15am to 3:45pm).

In nations that have been torn apart by conflict or have been repressed by totalitarian dictatorships, how do the people establish a free and independent press?

What part does credible public information and free expression play in rebuilding a country and preventing a return to violence?

How can people and organisations respond in a creative way to the destruction and brutality they have faced?

What can we, as nations, organisations and individuals do to help and support the development of a free press and creativity in these situations?

This one-day seminar will seek to answer these questions through a series of talks and panel discussion. The day will feature presentations from Iraq-based photo agency Metrography, Manchester-based social entrepreneur and researcher Ruth Daniel (In Place of War) and journalist and journalism activist Aidan White (former General Secretary of the International Federation of Journalists and currently Director of the Ethical Journalism Network).

For more information and to book tickets (£7, £5.50 for unwaged), please visit the Redeye website –

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