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NUJ Surveillance & Blacklisting Campaign

27th March, 2014

As part of the campaign against blacklisting and surveillance the NUJ is asking for more members to submit subject access requests to find out what data the police have stored on journalists.

If you feel that in the course of your work you might have come under police scrutiny, or you have found yourself in front of a police camera lens, noticed an intelligence officer seeming to take interest in you, writing in their note books, or otherwise recording observations, it may be worth taking 30 minutes to fill in this form and send it off to help the NUJ expose and stop the monitoring of journalists.

More info here.

Jason Parkinson

LPB calls for Getty Images boycott

27th March, 2014

The LPB has proposed a Late Notice motion to the April NUJ Delegate Meeting in Eastbourne calling for a union-wide boycott of the purchase or use of photographs from Getty Images. This follows an announcement by the company that it is making 35 million pictures available free of charge for “non-commercial” use.

The Getty Images definition of “non-commercial” is extraordinarily wide. Most significantly for our members, it includes all editorial use. It also includes blogs using Google Ads to generate income – only direct promotion of a product, service or company is regarded as commercial.

This is a disastrous move for photographers. The British Journal of Photography (BJP) has described it as having “single-handedly redefined the entire photography market”. It cannot be allowed to stand. More detail can be found on the BJP website here and here.


Boycott Getty Images

This DM is appalled at Getty’s decision to make its photographic content available free of charge for so-called “non-commercial” use, thereby further undermining the ability of photographers to earn a living. This DM instructs the NEC to ensure NUJ publications avoid the use of Getty Images and to call upon all members to boycott the purchase or use of Getty Images photographic content wherever possible until Getty reverses this decision.

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March Branch Meeting

24th March, 2014


At this month’s branch meeting we will be looking at the motions proposed for the NUJ Delegate Meeting next month. This will give us the opportunity to discuss the policies being lined up for our union, and to vote on how our delegates should address them at DM. The DM agenda is available (to NUJ members only) on the main NUJ website.

There will be the usual nibbles and networking, most likely followed by a visit to the Lucas Arms. See you there.

6.00pm Tuesday 25 March, Headland House, 308-312 Gray’s Inn Road, London WC1X 8DP


IFJ/EFJ Issue Urgent Media Safety Advice Amid Crisis in Ukraine

4th March, 2014

Following reports of the escalation of tensions between Russia and Ukraine, the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) and the European Federation of Journalists (EFJ) have issued an urgent safety advisory urging journalists covering events in Ukraine to exercise utmost caution.

Over 160 journalists have been injured since the beginning of the Ukraine’s political crisis in November 2013, while journalist Vyacheslaqv Vereymi died after being brutally attacked in February.

Given the many brutal attacks against journalists in Ukraine in recent months and the ever increasing tensions in the country, we urge journalists covering events to remain mindful of their safety at all times and to ensure they take every step necessary protect themselves. No story is worth the loss of a life,” said IFJ President Jim Boumelha.

Detailed Safety Guidelines can be downloaded from the IFJ website. For more details on Ukraine, please consult the IFJ Ukraine Crisis campaign page

The NUJ advice is that photographers and videographers should undertake Hostile Environment Training BEFORE covering a conflict like that in Ukraine.

For more information, please contact IFJ on +32 2 235 22 17
The IFJ represents more than 600 000 journalists in 134 countries