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James Foley

21st August, 2014
Our thoughts are with the family, friends and colleagues of James Foley whose murder at the hands of extremists in Syria has shocked the world. There is little doubt that this crime has been deliberately staged to attract the maximum amount of fear and outrage and we do not wish to placate his killers by overstating the obvious. His life, work and beliefs have been eloquently summed up by his family whom have demonstrated immense courage throughout this ordeal which began nearly two years ago.


We urge all those considering commissions in conflict zones to consider the risks associated with such work and pay careful attention to the advice given by organisations such as the IFJ and NUJ. There are presently over 20 foreigners believed to be kidnapped in Syria alone. A further 60 journalists (most of them local) have been killed since that conflict started.


Statement by the IFJ here.