LPB Statement To March 26 TUC Stewards

25th March, 2011

This statement has been sent to the chief steward for Saturday’s demonstration on our behalf and is going to be read out at the stewards meeting.


Due to the high profile nature of this Saturday’s demonstration, media workers from a wide variety of outlets and organisations will be out in large numbers.

We are keen to avoid any kind of confrontation between stewards and photographers. This has occasionally been reported in the past.

We are aware senior stewards are working with the police to intervene in situations of disorder, however stewards have no legal power to push, move or obstruct journalists recording the event.

Media workers are not part of the march, they are reporting impartially on events and should not be corralled or directed as part of the demonstration. The UK Press Card indicates a bone fide newsgatherer and should enable journalists to pass through lines of police and stewards.

If a steward feels a photographer or media worker is getting in the way or somebody objects to them recording the steward can relay this information or request, but they have no legal power or moral authority to physically move or block any recording.

Whilst we understand stewards want to ensure the safety of the marchers, their actions cannot be at the expense of the right to report freely.

As trade union members we wish the march every success and our members look forward to documenting the event with professionalism and cooperation on all sides.


London Photographers’ Branch Committee


Journalists, Lawyers & Campaigners rally to defend Civil Liberties & Press Freedom

9th April, 2010

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Hostile Reconnaissance
Terror Laws, Civil Liberties & Press Freedom
13th of April, 7pm. Friends Meeting House, Euston.

For Immediate Release

With the General Election in full swing it is time to put civil liberties and press freedom centre stage in the election debates. Our right to work, our right to protest and dissent are increasingly under threat by the use and abuse of a raft of anti-terror legislation.

Professional and amateur photographers alike are being stopped routinely by police under Section 44 of the Terrorism act on grounds of conducting ‘Hostile Reconnaissance’ which has seen the rapid growth of the campaign group ‘I’m a Photographer Not a Terrorist!‘.

The use of these laws has been challenged and ruled unlawful by the European Court of Human Rights. The filmmaker and NUJ member who is fighting the government appeal to the ruling next week, Pennie Quinton, will be speaking at the rally.

Mike Mansfield QC said in support of the rally:

The Government’s legislation has less to do with terrorism than with control and the suppression of opposition and truth. It has been recognized for some time by the authorities that agents of the state have too often been caught on camera committing unlawful acts: (Orgreave, Poll Tax, Fairford, Brighton, G20, climate camp). The power to confiscate the camera is therefore an essential tool for an oppressive regime.

How such a draconian measure, drafted in such wide ranging terms, got past our so called political scrutineers in the Commons beggars belief. Either they were subverted by the ‘fear factor’, diverted by expenses claims or overcome by sleep. Mind you, it’s the same lot who voted for the War in Iraq in the first place and who later believed security service assurances that the UK had not colluded in rendition and torture. Such an unquestioning and unaccountable bunch of Labour and Tory MPs needs to be booted out on May 6 and this iniquitous provision repealed

The London Photographers’ Branch of the National Union of Journalists, is proud to be hosting a pre-election rally Hostile Reconnaissance – Terror Laws, Civil Liberties & Press Freedom at 7pm on the 13th of April at Friends Meeting House in Euston.

The rally will be chaired by photographer Jess Hurd and we’ve got a top lineup of speakers who have dealt with the raft of terror laws that we face today:

Opening the rally will be a film by Jason N Parkinson with highlights from the campaign.

Supporting the rally are the National Union of Journalists, NUJ London Central Branch and the I’m a Photographer, Not a Terrorist! campaign group.

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