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Working Lives #2: John Sturrock

29th January, 2015

This is the second video interview produced for the branch’s Working Lives project, which grew out of a discussion at a branch meeting in 2012, at the height of the furore surrounding the Hacked Off campaign and the Leveson enquiry. At the time, photographers of all kinds were being maligned as a result of allegations about the behaviour of a very small number of so-called paparazzi, and it seemed clear that the public at large had little idea of the great variety of work that photojournalists do on a daily basis.

In this video branch member John Sturrock, a freelance, talks about his working life, starting with his early work on social and political issues for the renowned Report photo agency in the mid-1970s, and going on to describe how he has adapted to the many changes in the industry over subsequent years, culminating in his current photography on major regeneration and construction projects.

A higher resolution version of this video can be viewed on the LPB Vimeo site, and the first interview in the series, with Anne-Marie Sanderson, chief photographer at North London and Herts News, can be seen here.



Joint Christmas Party: Review of the Year

6th December, 2012

It’s that time of year again, Tuesday 18 December, 6pm at NUJ Headland House, will be the third NUJ LPB Christmas party. This year we will be holding a joint event with the NUJ Independent Broadcasting and New Media Branch. As well as a video showcasing new media we are collecting images and video for the LPB Review of the Year to show on the night.

Members and non-members are welcome.

Facebook Event. Read the rest of this entry »

NUJ Meet With G4S

15th May, 2012

Meeting with NUJ, EPUK & G4S re photography at the Olympic Park

John Toner (NUJ), David Hoffman (EPUK), Adam Mynott (G4S)

Headland House May 10, 2012

Following the incident on 21 April 2012 where two G4S security staff assaulted me and other photographers working on public land outside the Olympic Park John Toner, NUJ Freelance Organiser arranged a meeting with Adam Mynott, G4S Director of Media Relations and me, David Hoffman, wearing my (white) EPUK Moderator hat.

The meeting started on a positive note with Mynott apologising for the actions of the guards who he described as having “behaved wrongly” and having “acted incorrectly”. We were particularly concerned by two comments that the guards’ supervisor made. She had said:

“We are told we should refrain people from taking photos” and “It his job to basically approach people and deter them from taking photographs of the secure area.”

Mynott told us that this was not how G4S trained their guards and, specifically, that “photography was not to be discouraged in any way at all” and it was NOT their job to approach and deter photographers He was quite clear that there should be no interference at all to photographers working on public land and that the guards had been reminded of this following the April incident.

Adam Mynott told us that they were recruiting 10,000 staff for the Olympics and that there was a structured training programme. No member of staff would have less than 4 days training and some would have up to 14 days. All their training was to SIA approved standards and the security guards were SIA accredited. We were assured that the training was running well, was on schedule and not being rushed.

Mynott told us that he was aware of the National Press Card and that his staff were trained on it and on how to recognise a UKPCA card. John Toner gave him some UKPCA posters to help in training.

We asked about the presence of guards on public land. Mynott assured us that the security guards should only operate within the Olympic Park border, that they should not have left the Olympic Park in the April incident and that they would be reminded of this.

I mentioned that Jason Parkinson had twice been stopped recently on the public road outside the Olympic Park by security guards in an SUV. Mynott could not adequately explain that and we will be following this up as it directly contradicts the assurances we had been given.

We asked if G4S could provide a map showing what land was public and what was the Olympic Park. He will try to arrange that.

We were particularly keen to have a 24/7 hotline direct to G4S senior management as a way of resolving problems, rather than having to resort to the police. Adam Mynott suggested we use his mobile number (this will be available on the members’ area of this site).

It was a friendly and constructive meeting and we got the impression that G4S do genuinely understand the issues and want to avoid making difficulties for us. Whether they are capable of training their 10,000 staff to a standard sufficient to achieve that is yet to be seen.

The May meeting of the London Photographers’ Branch will be Olympic Concerns: Preparing Photographers for London 2012, a discussion and debate with Bindmans Lawyer Chez Cotton.

2012 LPB AGM and NEC Photographers’ Seat Elections

11th January, 2012

The Tuesday 31 January 2012 London Photographers’ Branch meeting will host two important events.

First, it is the LPB AGM* where we elect our committee members & discuss the work of the branch for the coming year.

With the prospect of tighter restrictions resulting from the Leveson Inquiry, we will also be having an introduction by Paris based photographer Nigel Dickinson about the impact of Privacy Law on photography in France. Read the rest of this entry »

Archant Contract Meeting

26th October, 2011

Freelances who work for Archant titles are invited to a meeting at NUJ

HQ to discuss a new agreement issued by the company. It insists on assignment of copyright, and included a clause that transfers the publisher’s full liability to the freelance. We are asking members not to sign.


The meeting will take place on Thursday, October 27 at Headland House,

308 Gray’s Inn Road, WC1X 8DP, beginning at 6pm.

Any freelance who is affected, or who might be affected, will be made welcome.

Please contact to let us know you wish to attend.


Rates For The Job

7th October, 2011

This page links to the various NUJ rates guide pages and rate submission page, vital resources for all photographers’ and other lens-based media.

The importance of maintaining the NUJ advised rates cannot be reiterated enough. In order for freelances to hatch out a living wage, these rates are constructed to form a minimum rate from regular updated information from union members. In order to maintain, improve, update and continue to validate these rates, members are urged to take a minute to supply information on the rates they are earning. You can do this here at the Rate For A Job submission page.

The Freelance Fees Guide is a good place to start, with rates for all aspects of writing, photography, video and audio.

Photography Rates can be found here.

Videography, a section of the Photography Rates rates can be found here.

Flashmob City Hall

30th April, 2011

Flashmob City Hall

22 April 2011

Tuesday 3rd May, World Press Freedom Day, at City Hall, London SE1 2AA at 12:30.

I’m a Photographer, Not a Terrorist! (PHNAT), the campaign group set up to fight unnecessary and draconian restrictions against individuals taking photographs in public spaces, is organising a flashmob outside London’s City Hall.

The event takes place on International Press Freedom Day and is supported by the National Union of Journalists (NUJ) London Photographers’ Branch (LPB).

PHNAT is concerned about the role of private security guards in the prevention of terrorism. Their role has been promoted by police, with the result that many privately employed guards are illegally preventing citizens from taking any photographs at all.

Areas designated as public realm are often privately managed spaces that are subject to rules laid down by the private management companies. Most insidious of these is the outright banning of photography in some of our most widely enjoyed public spaces, such as Canary Wharf and the Thames Walk between Tower Bridge and City Hall.

The mass gathering will highlight the restrictions on street photography in a public space. Photographers are encouraged to bring a tripod.

An illustrated PHNAT pamphlet will also be launched at the event. Created by PHNAT and LPB members, supported by the NUJ, British Press Photographers Association (BPPA) and the Campaign for Press and Broadcasting Freedom, it will celebrate the history of the PHNAT campaign.

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Audio: Tips of the Trade

25th February, 2011

The February LNP branch meeting “Tips of the Trade” delivered advice for photojournalists, experience from industry freelancers and insight from those creating and finding new outlets.

Paul Delmar: photojournalist and ex-tutor of the NCTJ Photojournalism and Press Photography course at Sheffield Norton.

Carmen Valino: press photographer working for many local London papers including South London Press and overseas newspapers such as El Pais.

Stephen Simpson: press photographer and head/editor of the new news agency, London News Pictures (LNP).

Sarah Lee: freelance photographer for the Guardian/Observer newspaper.

The Egyptian Revolution Film and Photo Night

15th February, 2011

Photo (c) Jess Hurd/ – Design Jason N. Parkinson

After covering the first 18-days of the Egyptian revolution, many UK photographers and video journalists have returned to London and will be screening their work in a special one night event, organised by the London Photographers’ Branch (LPB) and the British Press Photographers Association (BPPA), at the Shortwave Cinema on  Tuesday 1 March 2011.

Starting at 8pm the evening will show video and photographs covering the extraordinary events that unravelled during the popular uprising against President Hosni Mubarak and his regime. There will also be a question-and-answer discussion with the photographers and video journalists who covered the uprising.

Entry is by donation and there will be a raffle to win selected prints donated by the photographers. All profits will go to the Egyptian journalist support fund.

Journalists, Lawyers & Campaigners rally to defend Civil Liberties & Press Freedom

9th April, 2010

Image available for use in conjunction with this story only. Do Not Crop. Image © Jonathan Warren/ 2010

Hostile Reconnaissance
Terror Laws, Civil Liberties & Press Freedom
13th of April, 7pm. Friends Meeting House, Euston.

For Immediate Release

With the General Election in full swing it is time to put civil liberties and press freedom centre stage in the election debates. Our right to work, our right to protest and dissent are increasingly under threat by the use and abuse of a raft of anti-terror legislation.

Professional and amateur photographers alike are being stopped routinely by police under Section 44 of the Terrorism act on grounds of conducting ‘Hostile Reconnaissance’ which has seen the rapid growth of the campaign group ‘I’m a Photographer Not a Terrorist!‘.

The use of these laws has been challenged and ruled unlawful by the European Court of Human Rights. The filmmaker and NUJ member who is fighting the government appeal to the ruling next week, Pennie Quinton, will be speaking at the rally.

Mike Mansfield QC said in support of the rally:

The Government’s legislation has less to do with terrorism than with control and the suppression of opposition and truth. It has been recognized for some time by the authorities that agents of the state have too often been caught on camera committing unlawful acts: (Orgreave, Poll Tax, Fairford, Brighton, G20, climate camp). The power to confiscate the camera is therefore an essential tool for an oppressive regime.

How such a draconian measure, drafted in such wide ranging terms, got past our so called political scrutineers in the Commons beggars belief. Either they were subverted by the ‘fear factor’, diverted by expenses claims or overcome by sleep. Mind you, it’s the same lot who voted for the War in Iraq in the first place and who later believed security service assurances that the UK had not colluded in rendition and torture. Such an unquestioning and unaccountable bunch of Labour and Tory MPs needs to be booted out on May 6 and this iniquitous provision repealed

The London Photographers’ Branch of the National Union of Journalists, is proud to be hosting a pre-election rally Hostile Reconnaissance – Terror Laws, Civil Liberties & Press Freedom at 7pm on the 13th of April at Friends Meeting House in Euston.

The rally will be chaired by photographer Jess Hurd and we’ve got a top lineup of speakers who have dealt with the raft of terror laws that we face today:

Opening the rally will be a film by Jason N Parkinson with highlights from the campaign.

Supporting the rally are the National Union of Journalists, NUJ London Central Branch and the I’m a Photographer, Not a Terrorist! campaign group.

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Jonathan Warren 077939 40759
Jess Hurd 07713 151765