June Branch Newsletter

14th June, 2010

Convergence – Should we adapt and how?

29th June, 6pm
Headland House

This months Branch meeting will feature a panel discussion on Convergence, with photographer Edmond Terakopian and film editor Simon Ruben. Clients are always asking us to do more; whether it be video, audio, text or all three on top of photography. We’ll be discussing how to adapt to clients growing needs for content with shrinking budgets. Should photographers be doing the jobs of reporters and film-makers at all? What are the pitfalls of moving into different areas? Come along and join the discussion.

Any motions to the branch should be sent to the branch secretary prior to the meeting.

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Regional Press Awards

Members are also invited to the NUJ Regional Press Awards After Show Party after the branch meeting.

On the Campaign Trail

Last months branch meeting featured a panel discussion with Guardian staff photographer Graeme Robertson and freelance photographer Stephen Simpson talking about how they covered the election. You can listen to the full audio from the discussion on the branch website.

Battle of the Beaches

Poole Council has been forced into an embarrassing climbdown over it’s policy restricting photography on beaches after condemnation from photographers up and down the country.

Priortising Press Freedom

Branch Committee member Marc Vallée is stepping down as Secretary to prioritise his work as branch Legal Rep. There will be an election at this months branch meeting for a new Secretary.

Branch Minutes

Branch members who are registered on the site can login and view the draft minutes of the last two meetings:

4 Responses:

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  2. Hiya

    Not currently a member but the subject matter is of great interest to me …..can I come along and where is it?

    I’m a member of EPUK and I once met Stephen Simpson at Dunkirk on a job….that must count for something?


    07977 074797

    • Jess Hurd says:

      Hi Manu
      You are very welcome to come along it is at NUJ HQ:

      Headland House
      308 Grays Inn Road
      WC1X 8DP

      ..a short walk from Kings Cross

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