Equality & Fraternity

6th November, 2010

At the September Branch meeting the branch elected me as its equality officer. Most of our members don’t have a permanent workplace, but work for various employers and in many differing environments, from the streets to the carpeted boardrooms, making portraits of CEOs.

An equality officer promotes equality in the workplace. If you’ve been on the receiving end of sexism, racism, workplace bullying, unequal gender pay, LGBT bigotry, ageism, prejudice against the disabled or inflexible practices because of childcare, I want to hear from you. Inequality is all around us and must be tackled every time it rears its ugly head.

Having an equality officer is an asset and will work only if consistently used by branch members. So, please contact me in confidence (or by phone: 020 7247 5393) on any of your personal experiences. Also, let me have cuttings and examples of the way people are treated in the media so we can develop a working file that can be used by all of us in the continuing fight for equality at the workplace.

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