NUJ Delegate Meeting 2011 – Southport

8th November, 2010

N.B. Motions from the branch and nominations for Delegate Meeting elected positions will be voted on at the next branch meeting on the 30th November. Motions should be sent to the Branch Secretary before the meeting.

As mentioned in the October branch meeting the NUJ Delegate Meeting (DM) dates for nominations and motions have arrived. Every branch is entitled to send delegates, motions and make nominations for the DM-elected positions. It is the decision-making body of the union. Our branch is entitled to two delegates to raise the issues of our sector. The dates are as follows.
NUJ Delegate Meeting – Southport – 8-10/04/2011

Receipt of motions and nominations (DM bodies) – 1pm 06/12/2010

Receipt of amendments and confirmation of Motions and DM nominations 1pm – 09/02/2011

Last date for registration of delegates – TBA
It was agreed by the committee the nomination of delegates should take place in January 2011 along with the election of branch officials – see November committee minutes.
The nominations for positions on DM-elected bodies are as follows. If any branch members wish to make nominations this will be done at the branch meeting on 30 November 2010.
Appeals Tribunal – 9 to be elected
Disabled Members’ Council – 10 to be elected
Equality Council – 7 to be elected
Journalist Editorial Advisory Board – 7 to be elected
NUJ Extra – 5 to be elected
Pensioners’ Committee/Pensioners’ Parliament – 6 to be elected
Professional Training Committee – 6 to be elected
Standing Orders Committee – 5 to be elected
TUC Delegation – 3 to be elected
Women’s TUC Delegation – 5 to be elected
For further information prior to the next branch meeting please contact the Branch Secretary directly.

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