July Branch Newsletter

20th July, 2011

July Branch Meeting: State and Surveillance

In this month’s branch meeting  David Hoffman will talk about how the Metropolitan Police are deliberately blurring the distinction between dissent and terrorism.

2011-2013 Elections: NEC, Industrial Councils, Ethics Council, CEC, SEC, WEC

As reported in the June branch meeting there will be elections for the November 2011 to 2013  National Executive Council (NEC), Industrial Councils, Ethics Council, Continental European Council (CEC), Scottish Executive Council (SEC) and the Welsh Executive Council (WEC). Information on the relevant roles of each council is here.

Solidarity Message for Injured Belfast Journalist

The London Photographers’ Branch sends a message of solidarity and best wishes to injured NUJ member Niall Carson, who was shot in the leg while covering sectarian clashes in East Belfast on Tuesday 21 June.

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