30th May, 2012

The London Photographers’ Branch would like to express its solidarity with the workers at the Eleftherotypia newspaper in Athens. To maintain an all out strike after 5 months is an astonishing achievement – we note that this is now one of the longest strikes ever in the whole of Europe.

We hope you realise what an inspiration your struggle is to so many workers in Britain. In particular, it is a real inspiration to journalists whose terms and conditions are coming under attack here.

We realise how difficult it must be to continue the struggle, with no wages since June and with no strike pay from your union. We are enormously impressed with the way you have organised solidarity so far.

We believe your struggle is of vital importance for workers all over Europe as an agenda of austerity spreads across the continent. With this in mind, we would like to offer our continued solidarity and support. Please let us know what we can do to help sustain you in your struggle – we will do whatever we can.

We believe you can, and will, win this dispute. We will stand with you until all 800 workers have received every cent of the money owed to them, and the threat of job losses is withdrawn.

In solidarity

NUJ Photographers Branch


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