New LPB Facebook group

1st August, 2013

At our July branch meeting it was decided that the branch Facebook group should be switched from ‘secret’ to ‘open’, so that non-members of the group can find it and see what members are posting. This will allow us to use the group to raise the profile of the branch and recruit new members to the union.

In fact, Facebook does not permit the direct conversion of a secret group to an open one, so a new open LPB Facebook group has been launched: . The old group remains where it was, but no longer accepts new posts.

The new group is open to all NUJ members, NUJ officials, non-union photographers with a strong interest in joining the NUJ, and members of other TUC-affiliated trade unions who have a strong interest in photographers’ issues and concerns.

One Response:

  1. larry herman says:

    I want to contact members of the POSTER COLLECTIVE who were once located in Tolmers Square just off the Euston Road in London.

    Please let me know to my e address if you have any information.

    Many thanks.