Standing Orders

  1. The London Photographers’ Branch of the NUJ shall meet at least once a month, except in August of each year when the Committee shall be empowered to transact all Branch business. Meetings shall be held wherever possible on the last Tuesday of each month, but alternative arrangements may be made by Branch Officers. The January meeting shall be preceded by the Annual General Meeting. The Secretary shall present minutes of the Annual General Meeting to the next Branch meeting held in the normal venue for its determination that they are a full and true record of decisions.
  2. Branch meetings shall not exceed two hours unless a motion extending the meeting is passed. No meeting shall be extended to last more than two and a half hours. The meeting shall agree on the order of the agenda.
  3. Meetings shall be conducted in accordance with Rule 7 of the Union’s Rules.
  4. No business shall be conducted at a meeting unless a quorum of 10 members is present.
  5. Special meetings may be called by the Branch Committee, or in an emergency by the Chairperson, or at the written request of at least 25 members that are entitled to vote at Branch meetings.
  6. The Branch shall elect each year at the AGM the following: Chairperson, Vice Chair, Secretary, Membership Secretary, Treasurer, Welfare Officer, Equality Officer and a Union Learning Representative, hereinafter known as Branch Officers. Seats that become vacant during the year shall be filled after seven days’ notice is given prior to a Branch meeting. Two auditors, who shall not be members of the committee, shall also be elected.
  7. (a) The Branch delegation to the Delegate Meeting shall be elected at the AGM. The Chairperson shall be an ex-officio member of the delegation. Remaining delegates shall be elected on a simple total of votes cast by members at the AGM. (b) Any vacancies arising in the delegation after the Branch meeting immediately preceding the delegate meeting shall be filled in order, by the unsuccessful candidates in the delegation election.
  8. The Chairperson shall preside at all meetings and the Vice-Chair shall preside in his/her absence. Should neither be present a Chairperson shall be specially elected for the meeting. The Chairperson shall be entitled to vote as an individual member. In the event of a tied vote the motion or amendment shall be declared “not carried”.
  9. Annual reports by the Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer shall be circulated prior to the AGM.
  10. The Committee shall meet at least monthly. Five members shall form a quorum.
  11. Committee members absenting themselves without apology from three consecutive Committee meetings, for whatever reason, shall be deemed to have resigned.
  12. No substantive motion except as specified in this Standing Order shall be moved at any Branch meeting unless it has been submitted in writing and received by the Branch before the start of the Branch meeting.
  13. Proposed amendments to Standing Orders shall be made only at the Branch’s AGM.
  14. Standing Orders relating to the conduct of meetings may be suspended by a vote of two-thirds of those present and entitled to vote, except for Standing Order 4, which shall not be suspended in any circumstances. Standing Orders shall come into force again after the vote has been taken on the business for which they were suspended.
  15. At any Branch meeting if not fewer than five members request a break of 15 minutes, it shall be put to the vote. If the meeting votes in favour of a break, the chairperson shall announce this interval at the first opportunity.
  16. Candidates standing as branch officers shall be allowed to address the Branch meeting prior to the election for a maximum of five minutes. Questions may be asked of any candidate.