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July Branch Meeting: 7/7 Ten Years On

21st July, 2015

Terrorist Suicide Bombing; Edgware Road Tube

6.00 pm Tuesday 28 July 2015, Headland House, 308-312 Gray’s Inn Road, London WC1X 8DP

On July 7th 2005 branch member Edmond Terakopian took a selection of award winning images that came to define the events of that day.  A decade on we are extremely grateful to him for agreeing to speak at this month’s branch meeting, and look forward to welcoming him back. Edmond is considered by all across our industry to be at the top of his game, as well as being an expert in the field of teaching and presentation. This subject draws together many strands of our work, from covering live news events to the ethics of photographing the victims of violence and terrorism.

Usual time, usual place, see you there!

March Branch Meeeting: Safety & Travel Security

22nd March, 2015


6.00 pm Tuesday 31 March 2015, Headland House, 308-312 Gray’s Inn Road, London WC1X 8DP

This month’s meeting will be packed with useful advice and tips for working lens-based journalists, and will also highlight related NUJ policy.

For most of us, operating alone out of town, or even out of the country, goes with the territory. For this discussion Matthew Aslett, one of our well traveled members will explain why the NUJ recommends Hostile Environment Training for certain situations, what other precautions to take in our day-to-day schedule, what research to undertake before leaving home, and how everything from a basic understanding of encryption to a good knowledge of the law can avoid costly and dangerous situations.

We will also hold elections for our vacant committee posts of Union Learning Representative and Equality Officer, should anyone wish to stand for them.


Branch Meeting and AGM, Tuesday 27 January 2015

19th January, 2015


6.00 om Tuesday 27 January 2015, Headland House, 308-312 Gray’s Inn Road, London WC1X 8DP


This month’s branch meeting will afford members an opportunity to discuss the present state of our industry and how to survive in it.

2014 saw brutal redundancies across our industry, particularly for staff photographers. At the same time we applauded the NUJ for providing courses in freelancing for recently sacked photographers. Also one NUJ branch led the way when its reporters flatly refused to do work previously carried out by the likes of us. What 2015 holds for us remains to be seen.

This meeting will help equip our members to survive in a rapidly changing workplace. Our panel of experts will be responding to your questions rather making speeches, to allow for the maximum amount of time for discussion.  Stuart Freedman is a an award winning freelancer whom has worked all over the world and will soon be publishing a new book.  Antonio Olmos works on contract with the Guardian newspaper, also teaches and his Landscape of Murder project has been celebrated far & wide.  David Hoffman has perfected the art of running a successful picture library and getting the most from his stock.



Prior to the discussion we will be holding our Annual General Meeting, at which we will be electing a new committee – the people who will help organise branch activities over the next year.

New nominees are urgently needed. It’s a great way to contribute towards the running of the branch and its campaigning work, and to keep up to speed with the issues facing London’s lens journalists and the wider world of photojournalism.

There are eight posts to be filled: Chair, Vice-chair, Secretary, Membership Secretary, Treasurer, Welfare Officer, Equality Officer, and Union Learning Representative. The job titles are self-explanatory, but if you are thinking of standing and would like to know more, please contact one of the current committee members, either via the branch website or the branch Facebook page.

None of the responsibilities specific to each post involve a huge time commitment, and much of the committee’s business is discussed and decided collectively at the monthly meeting, or via email. Positions can be job-shared between individuals, and new-comers are warmly welcomed. No previous experience is necessary – there will be people available to help you. We pride ourselves in coming from a wide range of work and political backgrounds to ensure that all members feel represented.

Any full branch member can be nominated for a post. In addition, we have customarily also elected two, three or four additional members to offer general support. Temporary and Student members cannot hold a formal position, but in the past have been co-opted onto the committee in a non-portfolio role. Any branch member can come to the AGM without prior notice and ask to be nominated.

We will also be electing two auditors to check the branch accounts at the end of the financial year.

Over the five years of its existence, the London Photographers Branch has made a significant impact both within and beyond the union. A strong and active committee is essential if we are to continue to build on our successes.

April Branch Meeting: The Safety of Journalists

25th April, 2014

Daheih, South Beirut, Lebanon. After a night of bombing by Israe

The discussion at this month’s branch meeting will be about the intensifying violence against journalists who report on events around the world. The guest speaker is Jim Boumelha, President of the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ), which represents around 600,000 members in more than 134 countries.

Over the past 12 years more than 1,100 journalists and media staff have been killed in the line of duty, because someone did not like what they wrote or said, or because they were in the wrong place in the wrong time. The IFJ monitors press freedom violations and campaigns for greater safety and for a focus on the in-country journalists and freelances, who are at greatest risk and who have the least protection. It has also launched a global campaign to end violence against women journalists.

6.00pm Tuesday 29 April, Headland House, 308-312 Gray’s Inn Road, London WC1X 8DP

November Branch Meeting: Johnston Press and the Working Lives Project

19th November, 2013

Anne-Marie Sanderson, still from Working Lives

In the first part of this month’s branch meeting NUJ Deputy General Secretary Barry Fitzpatrick will be speaking about the 24 Johnston Press photographers facing redundancy, and what can be done to support them. We will also be showing the first instalment of the branch’s Working Lives video project, which relates directly to the struggle to maintain quality content and professional expertise in the local and regional press, and discussing how we should proceed with it.

6.00pm Tuesday 26th November, Headland House, 308 Gray’s Inn Road, London WC1X 8D

February Branch Meeting: Working Collectives

13th February, 2013


The February London Photographers’ Branch meeting discussion on Tuesday 26 February will be discussing working in collectives. We are please to have three speakers, Zarina Holmes, Ross Domoney and a speaker from Reel News is still to be confirmed.

Facebook Event

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August Meeting: Digital Data Security

21st August, 2012

6pm, 28th August 2012, NUJ, 308 Gray’s Inn Road

Technology and widespread Internet access encourage instant freedom of communication and organisation on a level previously thought impossible. We’ve seen the impact of these new ways of organising across the Middle East last year and in many situations closer to home. But there’s a sinister, dangerous side to these technologies where companies and governments can access, use and block data to censor, spy on, follow or hurt those trying to distribute it.

We’ve seen the state simply turning off communications in Egypt, the Syrian military targeting and killing journalist Marie Colvin and her colleagues after locating them through their data transmissions, and journalists having data cards, tapes and computer equipment taken or destroyed in many other countries. This meeting will cover two aspects of data security; the technological side of encryption, backup, secure transmission & ensuring data file integrity as well as the legal side of the laws relating to the state accessing and retaining your information, police surveillance and monitoring activities, your Data Protection obligations and protection from seizure of journalistic material as evidence.

Speaking will be Anna Mazzola & Athalie Matthews from Bindmans LLP as well as a Q&A on technology with photographers Edward Hirst & Jules Mattsson.

Please do RSVP on facebook here and invite interested colleagues, our panel meetings are open to all.

June Branch Meeting – Tackling the Crisis

13th June, 2012

We are very pleased to have had Greek journalist, Georgia Mylonaki, a member of the Eleftherotypia newspaper strike committee and Michelle Stanistreet, NUJ General Secretary speaking at our LPB branch meeting on 26th June  – “Tackling the Crisis”.

Eleftherotypia employees have been on strike for the last few months because they have not been paid since August 2011. The title was established after the defeat of the military dictatorship in 1974, it means “freedom of the press” and was originally owned by its workers. It tackled corruption and had a proud history. Georgia will tell us how they are fighting to save the newspaper.

Workers are facing the same struggles across Europe. Michelle Stanistreet has been invited to talk about the current crisis in the industry, the financial situation facing the NUJ and the strategy she is proposing for the coming months.

Audio from this meeting is available online.

February Branch Meeting: Constructing Reality

21st February, 2012

Join us on Tuesday 28 February for a joint event with the NUJ Press and Public Relations Branch to discuss photography and PR. From practical best practice in commissioning and giving briefs, to more ethical questions about “constructing reality” we’ll debate and share experiences from both PRs and photographers. Guest speakers working in PR and professional photographers will set the scene before opening up for debate and networking.

6.00-8.00pm Tuesday 28 February NUJ, 308-312 Gray’s Inn Road, London Debate followed by networking and refreshments.

Facebook Event

November Branch Meeting – The Art of War

3rd November, 2011

The London Photographers’ Branch are proud to host a debate with award winning photographers Simon Norfolk and  Territorial Army Sgt Alison Baskerville about propaganda, embedding, censorship, objectivity and art – The Art of War.

Simon’s widely recognised work has spanned from UK fascist groups to some of the worst war zones and refugee camps in the world. In the last ten years his work has focused on the meaning of the word “battlefield”.

Alison recently switched a 13-year career in the military to become a freelance photographer. Having scooped several awards with her previous work Alison has also recently returned from Afghanistan trip embedded with the riflemen in Helmand.

The debate will be at 6pm, on Tuesday 29 November at NUJ Headland House, 308 Gray’s Inn Road, London, WC1X 8DP. Entry will be on a first come first served basis and seats are limited.